How to Avoid Buying a Cheap Mass Produced Bridal Accessory

How to Avoid Buying a Cheap Mass Produced Bridal Accessory

When it comes to bridal accessories, it can be tempting to opt for low cost, mass-produced options that are readily available from high-street retailers or large online stores. However, these products often lack the quality and individuality that you would expect from such an important purchase.

Many retailers market their products as handmade, but in reality, they are mass-produced, manufactured in factories and lack the personal touch and the quality that comes with a handmade item.

Unfortunately the bridal accessory market is flooded with cheap accessories marked up for resale at a much greater cost. 

A popular bridal hair vine seen here priced on a popular big sales platform (left) and then put out for resale at a significantly marked up price on a bridal accessory online store (right)

Lastly, many mass-produced bridal accessories have a negative impact on the environment. These products are often made using unsustainable materials and may contribute to waste and pollution. They are mainly produced in bulk and need to be shipped across the globe by freight, adding to the concerns in relation to climate change and the environment.

Look for Individual Creators

Rather than shopping at big-box stores or online retailers, look for individual creators who make their products by hand. Genuine creators, designers and businesses who offer a wedding service will want to showcase their designs. They will aim to gain trust and represent the authenticity of their brand. Visit their website and explore the information about their business, design process, making process and their business ethos. You should be able to see evidence that they design and create their products themselves.

Here are some tips for finding handmade bridal accessories:

Check their Instagram Profile

Before making a purchase, check the creator's Instagram profile or other social media accounts to see if they provide evidence of local production, quality components, and a sustainable approach with their products, as well as their postage and packaging. Social media is a great way to get a feel for the creator's aesthetic and style, as well as to see photos of their products in real life. Many will offer a bespoke service which might be exactly what you are looking for to create the perfect bridal hair accessory for your special day.

Ask for Referrals

If you have friends or family members who have recently got married, ask them where they purchased their bridal accessories. They may be able to recommend individual creators or small businesses that make high-quality, handmade products. Many bridal accounts on instagram will tag other creatives, especially wedding photographers. So if you see an accessory that you adore, explore the posts information for any profile tags. You might just fond the right producer for you.

Attend Local Wedding Fairs

Many creators sell their products at local wedding fairs or shows. Attending these events is a great way to meet individual creators in person, see their products up close, and learn more about their process and materials. When it comes to bridal accessories, being able to see the products in person, try on, take photos yourself really can mean that you get a feel for whether the product is right for you. It also means that you may be introduced to a local creator who you may not have found otherwise. Eventbrite is a great place to start to look for a local wedding fair that will showcase local wedding businesses. You will get to meet with them, chat and ask questions about their service, and this will help you to feel confident that their product or service is right for you.

Consider Repurposed or Sustainable Materials

Some creators use repurposed materials to make their bridal accessories. These items are often unique and have a special history that adds to their charm and character. Many bridal artisan creators will be conscious when it comes to the materials they use, with an aim to minimise the use of plastics and resins in their designs.

Final Thought

Buying a handmade bridal accessory is a great way to ensure that you get a high-quality, unique product that will add a personal touch to your wedding day. By avoiding low cost mass-produced options and looking for individual creators, you can find a beautiful piece that will be cherished for years to come

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